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I'm a novice here and would appreciate advice [I'll understand if I
don't get a response]. I've been paying for access to 1901 and 1851
census records and I think I've gone about as far as I can go at one
site. I also used the BDM search facility and found it useful but
quick to chew up the credits. Before I commit further with pay sites
[e.g.] I would like to know what the experienced
researchers think about subscriptions to genealogy sites generally.
Are there other free on-line alternatives? I'm not resident in the UK
but that's where my roots are. Thanks in advance V >

The most obvious and best-known free site - and I would be surprised if
you don't already know about it, since it is mentioned here every day - is
FreeBMD at

This is a huge volunteer project to put the General Register Office
Indexes online and is virtually complete in many registration districts, not
so in others, The principal drawback is that, on the whole, it only goes up
to around 1911, so if you want GRO Indexes to the present day, then,
yes, you have to pay at one of the pay-per-view sites.

The one I use constantly is, where you can buy a
whole year's subscription to all the BMD Indexes from 1837 almost to the
present day for 50 pounds sterling. Others recommend Ancestry but I
prefer to support because it's British!

Also there is FreeCen at, which does the
same thing for census returns as FreeBMD does for the GRO Indexes.

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