Re: SKS means spongers and scroungers!

""Roy Stockdill"" <roy.stockdill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
A very simple question: why do you think all genealogical data should be
free when it has cost others a great deal of time and money to provide

If you would care to give me 50 per cent of my annual contribution to
1837online and other resources, then I would be very happy to do look-
ups for you. That seems reasonable enough to me, or are you of the
school that believes those who are pay subscriptions to resources
should be willing to subsidise those who simply sponge?

Roy Stockdill

I must say that I think you have a basic point in instances where people my
be abusing the kindness of others however, there are times when all your
head-scratching and pondering the BMD's you do subscribe to and still cannot
find someone - as in my own situation currently.

I subscribe - and happy to do so - to 4 services and I wish I could say I
only had to subscribe to one, but the fact is you can, as I have, find that
one service omits a whole family from the 1891 census, while other services
include them - even though all services say the records are complete.

I have a current problem trying to locate a birth record for my great uncle
George who isn't on Ancestry, 1837online, British Origins or the BMDindex -
how many services should I subscribe to just find find one person? and
maybe, if I find him elsewhere, I should sue the other services for omitting
him and causing me the expense of signing up to another service.

I understand we Brits call this "give and take" it is true some people take
more than give but that's life and I have loaned my camera to others before
now :-)

Ron O'Brien