Re: Help with puzzle on Stained Glass Window

p.s. I see now that there is more than one IGI batch for Falkirk that
includes 1821. One of the ones I missed the first time is where
Lesley's discovery of Alexander FERRIER can be found. You can find
these other batch numbers on the same site I mentioned before, if you
want to look for yourself.

Daniel Morgan wrote:
If the mystery person really was born at Falkirk (and not just near it,
in a place that nobody in Australia would have heard of) and if he or
she was baptized there in the Church of Scotland (which is fairly
likely but not guaranteed) then you *may* find him or her in batch
C119706 of the IGI, which covers baptisms in the Falkirk parish church
from 1820 to 1837. Unfortunately, this lists only baptism dates, but if
you found a likely candidate you could check the original on microfilm
or online at ScotlandsPeople to see if it happens to state the birth
date as well.

You can search the IGI online, as you probably know, and with the batch
number specified, you don't even have to put in a name. For example, I
just told it to list everyone in the above batch who was baptized in
1821, and I got 58 hits. Unfortunately, there's no AP or AF among them,
but if it was a woman, and the P or F is her married surname, then she
could conceivable be Ann MORISON, baptized 25 Nov 1821. That seems
rather late for a March birth, however.

You could also try other parishes near Falkirk. The best way to
identify the batch numbers you need is to use this list:

Unfortunately, this date is well before the beginning civil
registration in Scotland, so there will be no official record of
births, as opposed to baptisms.

Good luck. Even if you find a likely candidate this way, I would
consider it only a clue, not proof of anything.

Susie Zada wrote:
Hi Folks,

I'm hoping someone may be able to help with untangling this puzzle ........

A stained glass window was located stored in a shed on or near the Bellarine
Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. I've been asked to help "identify" the

Photos can be viewed at ....

The centrepiece of what appears to be a memorial window includes the
following ...

Born at Falkirk Scotland March 7th 1821
Left England October 4th 1847

It has been suggested that the initials (?) could be a stylized AF rather
than AP

It's possible that 1852 refers to year of death.

I haven't been able to come up with any "well know" people with the initials
AP or AF on the Bellarine Peninsula or local area around 1847-1852. Of
course they may not have been in this area and the window just ended up in
the area for one reason or another.

I've looked at passenger lists for assisted immigrants arriving on ships c.
December 1847 - February 1848 in Victoria (Port Phillip) but nothing seems a
likely match. Again, "AP" may not have come direct to Victoria but via
another colony (state) and hence wouldn't appear in these lists, or they
could have been unassisted (more likely if they could afford a stained glass
window) and these are not yet indexed for searching on-line.

1852 is pre civil registration for Victoria / Port Phillip so not a lot of
joy there either - again nothing obvious in readily available indexes for
early church records for burials, nor local cemeteries - it's not easy with
just a couple of initials!

How difficult a task would it be to identify births in Falkirk, Scotland in
1821? Sorry, but I haven't done a lot of research on early Scottish records
so my knowledge is very thin in that area - was hoping that someone with a
little more experience may be able to offer some suggestions.

The words "departed England" seem to infer that he / she / they travelled
from Scotland to England some time prior to departure rather than just going
via England on the way to Port Phillip / Australia.

All suggestions most welcome - this is one of those puzzles that could cause
sleepless nights!

Many thanks in anticipation ............
Susie Zada
Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia