Re: Keeping records

On 4 May 2006 05:39:17 -0700, Shaun Robertson wrote:

I'm a relative newcomer to genealogy, less than two years in fact so a
complete newbie compared to many here, but to think of the implications
of losing many hundreds of hours of research to a hard disk failure is
perhaps the reason I'm so paranoid.

8>< sensible precautions

I have been planning to produce hard copies of all my records, as even
with my backup routine I'm worried that if some of my data became
corrupted, that corruption could be introduced into the backups.
Unfortunately, the task of producing hard copies is becoming more
onerous by the day.

I recently ran off hard copies of all the births/baptisms only for
just one of my lines: a total of 1744 individuals. I haven't put in
the marriages yet nor the deaths/burials. When I'm done, there'll be
around 2200 individuals in the database. As you say, it can be an
onerous task.

Are there any horror stories of people losing years' of genealogical
research due to disk failure? It must happen.

I have a recollection of that happening to someone on another group.
He was desparately trying to rebuild his database again.
Genealogy: is it a thing of the past??

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