Hi again,

I'm continuing on with requesting help with my family from Belgium and
Luxembourg. If anyone can help I'd be grateful.

Nicolas Stiren d.o.b. 20 May 1836 in Differdange, Luxembourg died 12 Jun
1893 Hondelange, Belgium

married Madeleine Hornick d.o.b. 14 Mar 1856 Hondelange, Belgium; died 07
Feb 1938 in Hondelange, Belgium

Nicolas and Madeleine had 3 children

Marie, d.o.b. 26 Jan 1883 d.o.d. 16 Mar 1943 in Hondelange, Belgium
Suzanne-Lucie (my grandma) d.o.b. 13 Dec 1889 in Hondelange, Belgium
Jules d.o.b. 23 Mar 1892 Hondelange, Belgium d.o.d _____?___ in Hondelange,

Does anyone have any data bases they can look in to find Jules Stiren in to
see when he died and where if it was Honedlange or some where else? I know
Marie & Suzanne-Lucie went to the US but believe Jules stayed in Belgium.

As mentioned in my previous email, Jules's father was grandfather Pierre
Stiren died 09 Mar 1866 in Ottange F ? is all I could gather (I don't know
that Ottange F is correct.)
Jules mother was Marie (Berchem) Stiren who died 15 Sept. 1866 Differdange,