zimbabwe swot analysis

Zimbabwe: SWOT Analysis

Increasing attention is being paid to the creation of small and medium
sized businesses. The establishment of Export Processing Zones has opened
up additional avenues for investing in export oriented manufacturing
activities and services.

· European legislation for leather products has become increasingly tough
during the last decade. For various chemicals found in finished leather
goods, both the European Union and its Member States have set strict
limits. These limits have caused major adjustment problems in some
developing countries in the past.
· Lack of business contacts in Europe are an obstacle for the smaller
· Lack of knowledge on environmental trends in the European export
· Poor co-operation between companies and between companies and their
support institutions.
· Some of the machinery are out dated

· A modern agricultural industry supplies ample raw materials to footwear
sub sectors
· Emerging market for eco-leather products considering the environmental
quality of the finished products only, it makes certification affordable,
even for exporters from developing countries and it is large enough to
offer good business opportunities for Zimbabwean exporters - growing
business opportunities in COMESA and SADC

· Competition in terms of price and quality with the Asian exporters.
· Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease
· Foreign currency shortage
· HIV and Aids

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