Re: They are going to kill Tsvangirai

"Begreen" <JenniferCheng99@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Mar 13, 12:01 am, "Zakanaka" <lalapa...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Speaking to people in Harare, I have been told that the court orders to
present Morgan Tsvangirai before the court are being ignored. Many
are now believe that Morgan Tsvangirai is already dead.

Stop your imperialist propaganda, Zakanaka!

Snotty, they killed over 20,000 innocents people in Matabeleland in just a
couple of years. Mugabe admits his degrees in violence and the zanupf police
are seen across the globe beating the shit out of people. So Snotball, take
it from me, I wish it were imperialist propaganda - but it's not Snotty,
it's the real Zimbabwe and Morgan Tsvangirai's life is in real danger.