Peter Pamire killed by the CIO?

Peter Pamire killed by the CIO?

By Tichaona Sibanda
13 July 2005

The news website, New on Wednesday alleged that Peter
Pamire, the black empowerment advocate, was murdered by a 'death squad'
of the Central Intelligence Organisation. It's also alleged that he was
murdered because he was having an affair with the first lady. Pamire
died in car crash in 1996 when he allegedly lost control of the Pajero
he was driving and overturned. He is said to have died instantly.

Mduduzi Mathuthu, Editor of New Zimbabwe, said a CIO operative who was
part of the 'death squad' that shot Pamire at the wheel of his vehicle,
fled Zimbabwe a month ago and is now based in the UK.

Mathuthu said the operative, whom they refer to as agent K, was able to
provide details of how they executed their plot starting from the
Harare International airport where Pamire had just arrived from a trip
to Johannesburg. He described the type of clothes Pamire was wearing,
which were 'blue jeans, a black jacket and a T-shirt written Zambezi.
Pamire's elder brother Ignatious confirmed these were the clothes he
was wearing when he died.

Agent K said he was the driver of a CIO Mazda 626 vehicle that trailed
Pamire from the airport to Addington Lane, Borrowdale. He said that a
fellow operative Lewis Mucheke was sitting in the front passenger seat
and was the one who fired the fatal shot that entered below the back of
Pamire's neck to the right and exited just below his left eye.

Another CIO agent named as Nathan Shamuyarira (jnr), who was travelling
in a separate vehicle, is alleged to have covered up the gun-shot wound
by inserting a metal rod through the path of the bullet wound, removing
any impression that Pamire had been shot. Post mortem results on
Pamire, who was rushed to the trauma centre in Harare hours after the
accident, indicated he had died as a result of a severe head wound.

Although the revelations made by Agent K are indeed astounding, certain
questions are now being raised. For instance, in testimony given to the
court inquiry at the time two eye witnesses allegedly watched the
vehicle develop problems and roll over on Addington Lane. Further
testimony indicates that these two eyewitnesses were the first to run
to the scene, call the ambulance and one of them administered first aid
to the victim. The truth of who was or wasn't behind the death of Peter
Pamire may never be known.

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