Re: Microsoft's corporate Windows business is losing ground to Apple.

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The growing appetite for Apple products in the workplace underscores
the changing nature of the corporate market. Workers want lighter
laptops, tablets computers with longer-lasting batteries and
smartphones with apps in the office environment. And information
technology departments and buyers are listening.

Yeah, Apple ho. ddang la^'y la.i ddu*o*.c thi. tru*o*`ng ve^` PC va`
ca'i OS-Snow Leopar, Lion cu
?a ho.

iPhone la` ba'n ma.nh nha^'t, sau ddo' Apple tie^'p tu.c du. khi. nha`
tru*o*`ng & ca'c dda.i ho.c dde^? cho ca'c ho.c sinh, sinh vie^n xa`i
computer cu?a ho.c & Ipad.

Ms Windows va^~n co`n ma.nh va` co' thi. tru*o*`ng nhu*ng kho^ng khe'o
thi` cu~ng bi. sa tha?i vi` ky~ thua^.t computer la.i ddang ddo^?i
mo*'i, v.v...


*  Co^ MaiDao thi` lu'c na`y dda~ co' ca'i golden parachute cu?a
MsMicrosoft ta(.ng va` ddi nghi? He` o*? Hawwaii ro^`i.

Co' nghe dde^'n ma^'y thu+' nhu+ Windows On Chip kho^ng?

1 mi`nh Apple lie^.u co' wi'nh la.i vo+'i MS + Intel + AMD + Nvidia +
Qualcomm + Texas Instruments + Sony + Samsung + ... ha^`m ba` la(`ng
kho^ng? Hay se~ bi. gio^'ng nhu+ IBM wi'nh vo+'i MS + Intel + ddu? thu
+' IHV nga`y na`o?

DDe^? tu+` tu+` mo+'i bie^'t ddu+o+.c .