Re: too late, google +

Ai no'i ! Tui bi. G+ dda' te tua dza(ng luo^n ra G+ . Gio+` o+? cho?
ng co`n co' Me su+` Luan vo+'i Java guy ca~i qua ca~i la.i ...:)


On Jan 24, 9:21 pm, ":))" <bennypo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jan 24, 6:37 am, saint joj <jupiter...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've already acquired a strong dislike for ya  :-(((((

Established pseudonyms can be used to register accounts on Google+
after the social network relaxed its name policy.

Mo^.t con e'n (JoJ) kho^ng ta.o ne^n no^?i mu`a Xua^n !

Sao nick cu?a tui, ovv va` ma^'y ngu*o*`i kha'c kho^ng bi. tro*? nga.i
nhu* JoJ va^.y ka` ???