Re: -[Do.c cho+i] is that Prof Nutt, or Nut ...? :-)

Tui ho^?ng ddu? tha^?m quye^`n le^n tie^'ng ve^` la~nh
vu+.c phu. nu+~, nhu+ng theo hi`nh woa?ng ca'o na`i thi`
no they don't ;-)

On Feb 9, 3:24 am, ww <lbt...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
ca'i na`i no'i tha^.t, o/ bie^'t anh 2le' co' bie^'t -da`n ba` ra^'t
thi'ch co*?i ngu*.a (think about the act, position, power of the

sources:  tui -da~ tu*`ng nghe ma^'y ngu*o*`i nuo^i ngu*.a noi',
-do.c sa'ch, xem phim... :o)

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Ecstasy 'no worse than horse riding'
From correspondents in London, England
Agence France-Presse - February 08, 2009

Taking the synthetic drug ecstasy, which is derived from
amphetamine, is no more dangerous than horse riding, Britain's
top drug adviser said today.

According to Prof David Nutt, chairman of the Home Office's
Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), "equasy" -
addiction to horse riding - causes 10 deaths and more than
100 road traffic deaths annually.

Fatalities linked to ecstasy use total around 30 per year.