Re: Vi` sao to^i chu+?i bo.n cho' dde?

On Mon, 5 May 2008 22:42:51 -0700, "JP" <rcv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Cu~ng may 3 tha(`ng na`y va` 2 ddu+'a u?ng ho^. chu'ng no' la` mo^.t nho'm
thie^?u so^', kho^ng tie^u bie^?u cho ngu+o+`i Vie^.t chu'ng ta. Do ddo',
anh kho^ng nga^`n nga.i gi` ma` chu+?i ru?a chu'ng no', dde^? chu'ng no'
kho^ng co' lo^.ng ha`nh ma` la`m chu+o+'ng tai gai ma('t nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i
Vie^.t cha^n chi'nh. Bo+'t ddu+o+.c nhu+~ng tha`nh pha^`n phe^' tha?i nhu+
chu'ng no', da^n Vie^.t mi`nh se~ ca`ng ma.nh ho+n, va` nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i
Vie^.t co' ta^'m lo`ng va` co' kie^'n thu+'c se~ de^~ da`ng lie^n ke^'t
vo+'i nhau ho+n.

This is my country, the United States of America.

You, JPham, go back to Nam to lien ke^'t vo+'i su+'c ma.nh...blah,
blah... (bullshit)...da^n Viet mi`nh se~ ca`ng ma.nh ho+n...(another
bullshit). :-)))

Now F**k off. This is my country, if you don't like it then go back to
Nam. :-))))))

Now Jack-off ! :-))))

Gu't nai !