Re: Chuye^.n Ti`nh Xu+a (I Don't Know How To Love Him) - Thu'y Anh

On Apr 12, 4:19 pm, han...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Version cu?a Tha'i Hie^`n, kho^ng ha't lo+`i Vie^.t, tri'ch tu+` ba(ng
Tu`ng Giang 2

-- HPN

Tui nghe xong ro^`i, ca?m u+o+ng ba'c . Tui thi'ch version cu?a co^
ThuyAnh ho+n. Theo tui tha^'y thi` ThaiHien nghe ho+i -danh,
va` cho^~ le^n cao "I never thought" du+o+`ng nhu+ TH ho+i bi. he^'t
xi' qua'ch :-))))

That's cool of you, sir :-))