Re: (tube) Jim Webb, Gerald Connolly and Penny Gross Attended Tet

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Jim Webb, Gerald Connolly and Penny Gross Attended Tet


Webb for the 2008 US President !!!

Yeah, yeah yeah... :-))

Co^.ng DDo`ng ngu*o*`i Vie^.t o*? Virginia va` vu`ng D.C. du` sao ddi
nu*~a thi` cu~ng de^~ da`ng tie^'p xu'c vo*'i anh Webb ho*n tru*o*'c.

Thay vi` pha?i ddi ni.nh bo*., na^ng kha(n, su*?a tu'i cho ma^'y anh
da^n bie^?u, nghi. si~ thuo^.c dda?ng Co^.ng Ho`a thi` ta.i sao la.i
kho^ng dde^'n vo*'i anh Webb nhi? ???


Do you hear me QTTT ??? :-))))


Yes. Sir.

Co' chuye^.n chi ? ;-)))))

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Dear nga`i Qua'ch Ti?nh,

Cho nha` em dde^` nghi. dde^'n qui' nga`i mo^.t y' kie^'n nho nho?...
La^`n sau, co' quay phinh ve^` co^.ng ddo^`ng VN ma` co' nhu+~ng nha^n
va^.t quan va` to^'i cao nhu+ Nghi. Si~, To^?ng Tho^'ng or
other well known figures in the world... la`m o+n chi? gio+'i thie^.u
phe ta long nhu+ng nhe. nha`ng, vi` ne^? nhu+ng ki'n dda'o

Co' va^.y thi` ca'i link, ca'i source, ca'i news-maker piece of work
cu?a mi`nh mo+'i co' the^? dduo+.c truye^`n ba' mo^.t ca'ch ro^.ng
ra~i (or long tro+`i lo+~ dda^'t) vi` dduo+.c free publicity from
every news source in the world...

In other word, CBS, CNN might want to read this piece of news in their
evening news broadcast... But who really cares about who is the newly
elected chu? co^.ng ddo^`ng Vietnam???

I hope y'all know what I mean :-)

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