Re: Tệ nạn mãi dâm, bia ôm trá hình dưới chế độ VNCH

In South Vietnam's towns and cities -- swollen with refugees --
Civilians still died. But business went on -- all kinds of business.

DUONG THI MY TRUNG (prostitute): I answered an ad in the newspaper for
a job as a cashier. While I was working there, the woman who owned the
establishment bought me a lot of new clothes. Every time I liked
something, she bought it for me. I didn't think that she was going to
deduct these things from my salary. But after a while, she began to
demand repayment. I became very upset and flustered. I didn't know
where I would get the money. Then she suggested that I ought to go with
a certain man who would give me money so that I could repay my debt to

PROSTITUTE: The man asked me whether I would like to go some place to
enjoy myself. I replied that I didn't know where to go, that since my
childhood, I'd always been living with my family. Then he suggested
that we go to the town of Cantho. I thought we were going to live
together as husband and wife. But to my surprise, he stayed with me for
only three days, then told me that he was returning me to the woman who
was my boss.

NGUYEN CAO KY: Prostitution. Tell me somewhere in this world that
there's no prostitution. Tell me some city, some country, where there
is no prostitution. So there is prostitution in Vietnam, in Saigon, of
course. There is corruption, of course. There is black market, yes.
But, because we're living in war for long time.

Thirty years. And with the vast, the big presence of foreign troops in,
you know, in Vietnam, it created a lot of social problems.