Re: Los EE.UU. es un país del Tercer Mundo

The market went up 110 points yesterday...not bad
for a third world country.
What people DONT understand is that just like 911,
except on a larger scale, this is only a regional
On 911, people in new york were shopping and going
to McDonalds that afternoon watching the
smoldering WTC. People washed their cars, walked
their dogs, talked about what had happended that
day, Went to supermarkets paid their bills.
outside of the limited affected area, really
nothing had changed, the same thing with hurricane
Outside of New Orleans, and the immediate
coastline, life goes on normaly.

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 09:54:11 -0700, "T.Schmidt"
<ljsprojects@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Los EE.UU. son un país del Tercer Mundo, peor que Cuba e igual a los de
>Africa, según las Naciones Unidas.
>Por supuesto, sólo se aplica a una parte de los EE.UU., no a la parte donde
>vivimos la gente de bien.
>P.S. [1] Buena propaganda para Fidel Castro, ¿No les parece?
>P.S. [2] Que lo piensen bien antes de venirse a los EE.UU. aquellos que
>creen que todo aquí es bonito. Eso es pura propaganda yanqui.