I have never heard of anything being more wrong.

( it is context and text that matters not the text/ content without
the context; they there know this one too, and no move; why -
corruption and stagranmtion againt the right to the USA citizen
against the own mandate from the people - they do not even mention it
this days whiloe in 1950 ties all did; what has happened?)

Secret balot establishent initiated ending
multiparty-system in USA

Several adjustments and restrictions then were to eliminated new ideas
from imingrant, the Dole Institure day conference on Third Party USA
reveales; incl. campain finance; access to balot and than biass
towards winners.

We are in artificial 2 party system, that than was to resemble British
system ( nmind you, very small coutry comparing with Union than).
Democracy requires truer representativeness and the way in which
voters/ citizens will is carried out. When 2 parties either go 50:50
or both agree at 99% than such representativeness ceases to egsist -
in both situation whether people want somethingb in the their state
done nationally or not, completely does not matter. They have to have
third referee ifv their great idfea needs to specific support and
means, other than they completely crashed ( in 50v 50 scham) or going
in withour resistance thus killing any creativity ofv the pending
project ( since washington knows it all alredy either as one party
getting in everybody for it or even worse all Congress thinks taht it
made the law when something was alredy there and that is how they got
99% vote in; These are dynamic issues that appear in science onece in
a while when system represenativebness matters and in politology
( that Brezezinski told us it does niot exist in USA, not confirmed).

The culture was to hold everybody by the gun to pass something very
hight so they are there all in agreement. I have never heard of
anything being more wrong.