The AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU an American-Jewish Nazi camp?,2933,583773,00.html
"Yad Vashem is displaying the blueprints of the notorious Polish camp that
has become a symbol of the Nazi genocide of European Jewry."

what the fook means the "Polish camp" there?

fooking American Jewish liars

Poles have been in NATO for more than 10 years fighting for those fooking Jews against terrorists.
Some of stupid and naive Poles were helping those fooking Jewish liars during the WWII, some of Poles devoted their lives, being killed by German Nazists for helping those fooking Jews.
Poles have been in EU, Schengen zone, and what those Jews do nowadays to children and grandchildren of those who helped them during the WWII?
They steal, they lie in news, they abuse, they delay introducing EUR currency in Poland to extend financial abusing of Poles - especially victims of the communist regime of Jaruzelski who earn average of 500 EUR a month at almost western European prices and have to pay 1,5 USD for 1 liter of Gasoline.

American Jews do not need tourist visas for Poland, Poles still have to have visas.
Where is the justice, where is your American honor?
Do you call that FRIENDSHIP?