Re: U.S. secretly develops biological weapons en mass

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BabaBey the Turk wrote:

America's Germ Warfare Capabilities developed in secret in US Corporate

The costliest, most grandiose research scheme ever attempted having germ
warfare capability is going forward under President Bush and in apparent
defiance of international treaties such as the Geneva Convention of 1925
that bans biological agents.

And this program, involving some of the world's deadliest and most
loathsome pathogens, many of which could trigger plagues and epidemics,
being conducted largely in secret without adequate oversight and in
flagrant contempt of NIH's own rules.

I wonder if the recent bird kill in Austin Texas had anything to do with
real world tests (or lack of security) by one or more of these

I wonder just how many groups and individuals in the US have access to
biological weapons? Will they be killing congressman next? Anyone
remember the last bioweapons attack that used weaponized military anthrax?
What's next on the agenda?

what are the odds that a village idiot really has access to 'secret