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Paranoid? I don't think so. Cautious? Yes definitely, especially since
watching you and your ilk hound people out of SCT and even Rec.Knives!
Frankly, do you blame me for being wary?
I assume that you are referring to Steve Cramer who, if you actually
read this group for any length of time, you would have realized was a
nearly psychotic liar and to my mind richly deserved everything he
I have read quite a few of your posts where you have said this. Can you
prove any of it? I have seen many troll posts about this, but no one
ever posted any facts. Just going by typical troll logic that if you say
something often enough it must be true. Guess what people are saying
about you. :o) I am certainly a believer.

You never say anyone posting any facts? Bob posted for several years
giving an almost blow by blow account and even posted photos taken
inside the police station. apparently you don't read as well as you
seem to claim.

Bob posted assertions, not facts. Assertions cannot be held as proofs.
Did Bob post transcripts of statements from that event at the police
station? I didn't seen any back when the issue was hot. I haven't to
date seen any proof so assertions they remain. Seems I read quite a deal
better than you!

You are correct from a legal point of view Bob posted his
allegations... time after time, month after month, year after year,
and Steve never argued that the allegations were incorrect or that Bob
was lying. As I mentioned his only defense was "that it was only a
little bit of fax paper".

Given Steve's personality, he was, to put it mildly, a highly abrasive
person, it seems impossible that anyone could post lies for all that
time without Steve protesting them.

You can argue all you want to but anyone who ever encountered Steve is
not going to believe that, based on Steve's own actions, Bob was
recounting anything but the truth. A somewhat exaggerated version,
perhaps, buy essentially true.,