Re: A WARNING for Stef

"slambert" <slambertNOSPAMPLEASE@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Takin & Kanoknuan" <takin&kanoknuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
You are wasting your time if you think you can come bowling in here and
start dictating to others what they can and can not post.
Rules are not mine. It s my right to require end of racism, insults and
privacy breakdown.
**As far as I'm concerned the only 'right' you have on here is to leave
if you don't like it here.

Your concern is bad.

Anyway it would be a pity and I refuse to give up ion front of barbary.
Question of personal values.

If your demand is to be allowed to insult people in Usenet
**If I choose to insult someone on Usenet then that's my business and the
business of the person I'm insulting.

Absolutely: as far as you don't insult me

**If you give me a reason to insult you I will. Try me. :o)

and you don't impinge my personnal liberties, you are quite free to do
whatever you want.

You can revert it to yourself as well as these kinds of things are usually
bijective and work in both way.

It's none of your business so keep out of my way and don't poke your nose
in somewhere where it's not wanted.

And he is the one replying to my posts....

**And you are replying to mine.

You have a killfile if you want to ignore me: do you know how it works?

**You too have a killfile if you want to ignore other posters. Why not use
it rather than issuing your requirements and demands that only seem to reap
more insults against you? Are you a troll? I'm beginning to wonder.....

Anyway if you talk to me, it's my decision to reply you or not. If you
don't like my answers, don't ask questions.

**And 'vice-versa'.

Life is quite simple in this world sometimes, don't you think?

and to vomit your racism here, I'm afraid you re heading to some
disapointment. I have a personal problem with insults on Internet and I
intend to make this point respected here.
**So you intend to set yourself up as a moderator??? LOL!!!!!!

I intend to refuse to be discriminate and insulted.

**IMO you deserved all the insults you have had. You have an arrogant manner
and tone, issuing demands and the like. There is no moderator here and we
don't need one. I know English is your second language but even so I think
your understanding is such that you can express yourself in a more polite
and more civil way. Unless of course this is all a piss-take.....

I for one will ignore you. And there's NOTHING you can do about it. :-)

I don't NEED you to read me. In fact I need anybody here to help me to
feel I exist. I already exist, publicly, and for a long time. Your watch
won;t change anything to me.

Can you say the same? I think you need people to read you: that's why you
make provocations and you express your agressivity: to compensate a life
without strong emotions => I don't have this problem.

Stop racism and insults. I will stop complaints and reports.
**I have no intention of stopping my insults.

God, and he was the one talking about contradictions.

By the way, please learn how to use a newsreader and to quote correctly
your text messages.

**You've lost me on that.

It's like the morning shower you re suposed to have and you don't: if you
don't respect yourself, how do you want others do do it for you?