Yellow Turn-a-coat

Govt presses for lottery ruling

The Council of State is being asked to speed up its ruling on whether
the government can legally tap revenues from the two- and three- digit
lotteries for use in stimulating the economy.

A Government Lottery Office source said economic ministers met
yesterday and wanted the council to find out if there was a law which
allowed the government access to the lottery earnings.

A new law would have to be drafted if there was not one in place
already, the source said. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he had
asked the GLO to seek Council of State advice on the status of the 17
billion baht earned from the two- and three-digit lottery. The legal
advice is needed because the GLO cannot specify whether or not the
revenue is available for use by the government.

Mr Abhisit said the status of the revenue was unclear. It has been
said the lottery, introduced by the Thaksin Shinawatra administration,
was illegal and this cast a cloud over how the earnings could be
spent. Forty-seven people, including ministers in the Thaksin
government, were found to be at fault by the now-disbanded Asset
Scrutiny Committee over the unlawful launch of the scheme in 2003.

The source said Deputy Finance Minister Pradit Phataraprasit, who
oversees the GLO, planned to sponsor a draft bill permitting the use
of the funds. The government needs the money to help finance its
economic stimulus programmes (...)

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The hypocrisy of the PAD seems to have no limit.
When TS promoted it, the yellow rats squealt it was only an act of
corruption and immorality! Actually, they put down a lot of
educational projects with their stupid fanatism.