Re: Fortune cookie :-)

"Good Soldier Schweik" <decypher.signature@xxxxxxxx> wrote
Jesus! did you boycott the Pink Panther films?

Why? They never pretended to be serious, and I can laugh about myself. Can

What, "against you and your culture"? I never made a post to, or about
"Stef", never even knew he existed, until you popped up complaining
and then I responded to your posts.

Man, you are anti Frenh all the time and it is pain. Resolve your personal
troubles ina other way please. I'm for nothing in your stories, I wasn't
there when it began.

And I believe that I did mention that I grew up in a mixed bag of
French, Anglos, some Italians and probably a few Poles and I had
nothing against the French per se. and that I was insulting one
specific individual, whom I believed I named.