Re: Sonthi surprised by Thaksin nomination as PGA president

On Tue, 01 May 2007 20:14:39 +1000, hstamm <hstamm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Sonthi surprised by Thaksin nomination as PGA president.

He said the nomination was caused by some individual groups who have
problems with their thinking process and should be admitted for mental

He is spot on.

No one could have analysed this any better.

Thinking process?? mental consulting.

Brilliant, just brilllllllllllllllllliant.


Our experts-in-real-Thailand here had told us!
The polygamist dictator is the right man for the Kingdom. Today,
everybody can notice that "the military coup and martial law have
set things right again in the country".
Of course, all of us are eagerly waiting for another witty comment
from the brilliant medal-holder about Thaksin and the Manchester
soccer club.