Re: Thailand tells Thaksin to stay away

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Many Thai people are actually missing him now.
Oh yea? k rinpoche?
tell it to the sct here
afaik sct is solidly behind the present juntand sct consists of how many Thai and how many Farang?

Is sct representing Thailand?

just questioning...

cu, tmo SCT is the sewage for farang worms like Chabon!

Look who we have here - a little Chinese playing the card of Thaksin
Singapore that has barred FEER and other news and reports has
certainly no right to even comment in our local spat!
What would a slimy little Chinese like Dalai Bahru (pretending to be
something better than he actually is) know about Thailand? Go back to
your little Island and worship LKY and Temasek - maybe you get once a
real job! You're nothing than another Ah Beng, pretending to be