Khun Sandy - Thai translation query

Hi Sandy,

Got a bit of a headache regarding a form from the amphur for my staff to
fill in.

As the form I was given was rather dog-eared and not very clear I thought
I'd re-type it myself and then it would be easier to print new forms off

The form is a general employment type thing, the heading is
»ÃÐÇѵԼÙé·Ó§Ò¹ã¹Ê¶Ò¹ºÃÔ¡Òà which I see as something like record of
employment within a company.

The bone of contention is the section headed ÀÒÃФÃͺ¤ÃÑÇ which seems to
translate as family responsibility. The argument amount a couple of staff
who I asked to proof read the form is down to the ÀÒÃÐ part of the word
which comes out as responsibility or obligation. It has been argued that the
word should be ÀÒÇФÃͺ¤ÃÑÇ which would change it slightly to status or

The reason I?m not taking as gospel the original form is that there have
been a couple of spelling mistake on it ? even ÍÓàÀÍ was spelt ÍÓÀÍ on one

Could I ask your opinion on this one as I?m out of my depth?