Re: Farang Beggar in Silom Rd

"Tchiowa" <tchiowa2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I sometimes wonder how you have this strange capacity, Tchiowa, to attract
that sort of nasty replies?
OK, you are openly a neo-con supporting Bush in a quite stubborn way and
that may justify the tough replies you got on US politic threads.
But now, that, money, family, persoanl stuff, etc... why?

I spent two+ years with my (Thai) wife out of Thailand (Manila, Singapore)
She sent, for 2 years, 20K Baths per month to her Mum for her and the
>From what I saw during my vacations in LOS and when I eventually settled
here for good, the money was well used.
20K Bahts. 487 USD. 384 Euros
They say you sent 30K. 730 USD. 575 Euros
What the hell are we talking about?

I have a son in France, from my previous life....
He is 19 y.o., student. If I can't send him 1000 Euros, 1268 USD per month,
the boy, who is living alone, is starving.
And I know my country enough to cross check his budget accurately.

Concerning revenues to live in LOS, 200K is OK for an expatriate coming here
to work for an international Company, living in BKK with a Farang wife and
kids and maintaining his Westerner life style. I have been an expat employee
for 20 years, I know what I am talking about. ANY expat accepting to come to
BKK for an International company with a package below 200K is a looser. May
the Goddess of the Expats eat his manhood every night. Amen.

For those who want to settle here for good and accept to live an almost
Thai-style life, WITHOUT a Farang wife and family, 100 K in BKK is a
Standard "teachers" salaries are OK for very young, or very old, bachelors,
living alone in a 2 or 3000 Bahts apartment and staying here on a temporary
Now, for those who live upcountry, are retired (i.e. no professional
expenses), don't have kids or elders to help, another story.

Now, the Tchiowa legend re. gogo bars.
ALL the guys who are after you on that are ALL frequent customers or former
frequent customers of the red light districts.
99.99% of the farangs who are living in Thailand or are frequently coming to
Thailand started THERE.
Including me, and I don't give a flying fart to write it publicly, I am
honest, unlike "some" other, that's all.
ANY Farang pretending that he came here first "only" for the beauty of the
country and/or the culture and/or the people is a bloody liar and God knows
that we have quite a bunch of them at SCT, of all sort of nationalities,
including Frogs.

We ALL came here first in vacation and guess where we were, first evening?
Shit, can we be honest and sincere, once in a while?
Then, some remained there, in the sewer, stuck forever. I pity them.
And some, such as me and few others I won't name to protect their modesty,
crossed the road, met the "other" Thailand and that move changed their

Tchiowa, you are a f*&^%g Bush-supporter neo-con and on that ground, I will
never ever support you. I stopped trying to argue with you on the political
threads because it is slightly boring and completely OT in this NG.

But on the "other" topics, I am with you.
For the sake of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
With meta :-)