Re: (off topic) Krugman: A Can't-Do Government

maxwell wrote:
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> > Tchiowa wrote:

> > > Quoting Krugman, of all people! Why not quote Stalin?
> Oh, and Tchiowa, while it's also been kind of enjoyable finding out how very
> little you know about EAS (Earth and Atmospheric Science) and even more
> having a good laugh over your 'teaching' me about Delta as a symbol for
> change,

Which you obviously didn't understand based on the question you asked
about the graph.

> and all the while you're missing that the T zero point from which
> Delta T is figured is the current mean temperature,

Which was what temperature? You asked me for a specific temperature
based on that graph and that wasn't possible. There were no specific
temperatures on that graph.

> I truly might miss a thing or two you write about those Thai-related topics > that I most attend to
> here, and thus while I won't plonk you, I think I'll abstain from further
> discussion of things relating to the US with you for some time to come, as
> such nonsense as the following:
> > > Whether you like it or not there is more peace in the world since Bush
> took office.
> (which ignores that tens of thousands of Iraqis and many thousands of US
> troops have been killed or maimed in a false pretenses Iraq invasion, while
> in Thailand there's been anything but a shortage of murders in the south,
> and as the world does include Africa, your claim is even more laughable)

As compared with the hundreds of thousands of people killed and maimed
in Yugoslavia during the previous decade. Or the millions killed in
African civil wars in places like Angola in the previous decades. Or
the million or so killed in Cambodia. Or the tens of millions killed in
the 30s and 40s.

Yes, there is more peace in the world now. I suppose you need to see a
graph that you will never understand.

> > > There is more democracy. There is more freedom.
> (which ignores that in the US there is now LESS freedom FROM the
> kleptocratic imperatives of religionists or from an ever-increasing National
> debt)
> > The economies of the world are growing anywhere from average to booming.
> (which includes ignoring that the poverty rate in US has increased in every
> year that Bush has been in office, while more and more of National wealth is
> held by fewer hands at the top--by design)

No it hasn't.

> . and as your all-too-typical reply to any number of substantial criticisms
> of your perfect hero tool of plutocracy president is to attack not only the
> critic with such idiocy as:
> > > <Paul Krugman hate message snipped>
> and:
> > > Quoting Krugman, of all people! Why not quote Stalin?

Are you trying to imply that Krugman is something less than a
completely dishonest and with an extremely radical ideology?

When people use Krugman to back up their opinions they are revealing
something about the motives of their post. It is entirely relevant to
point that out.

> . but to also attack the poster with such inane crap as:
> > > You just can't help yourself, can you? You must wake up every morning
> > > with a craving, like a heroin addict needing a fix. You are so filled
> > > with hate that you have to search the web looking for some expression
> > > of hate that you can share with the world.

Vagabond's obsession with hating George Bush is acurately described in
that statement.

> . . I'm just not going to trouble wasting time on you with *these* sort of
> matters.
> None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

Would you like some glasses?

> -maxwell