City Harvest was Jam packed,overflow and all Power tonight!

Expo cannot filled the many thousands tonight..and many were stranded outside watching closed circuit TV.The atmosphere was electric,as Kong Hee stood up,cheers went rapturous,and the support from all OF the huge Congregations were just very beautiful to behold,as tears flow freely..sort of their Shepherd were hurt,like the Passion of Christ...ï MAINTAIN MY INTEGRITY...SUCH WORDS SHOCKED AND RAMMED THROUGH THE SKY AND THE EARTH SHOOK...

Truths is so powerful that all could only be mesmerised by it,unspoken but know too well..the persecution has begun,tribulations came and the entire World Christians stand to watch how the drama unfold at the same time all stand with him!

Jesus had said...why do you persecute Me?..But who are you Lord?...I am Jesus whom you persecute.

Jesus says,I have the Keys of Life,death and Hell.It is better for you to hang a big stone around your neck,throw yourself into the sea than to harm one of my little one.

Jesus Christ is the only person,in all of human History ever crowned to be the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.

He is the only one who had said: Unless you believe in Me,or else you shall surely go to Hell and suffer there eternally.

I am the Way,The Truth and The Life.No man since that time till now ever spoken such words of Power and authority.

No one ever make such promises: I go to Heaven to prepare you a place.