Re: I think my car is more precious than my life...

On Dec 6, 9:15 pm, "AleXX " <cir...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I slaved day and night to save enough for the more than $70,000/- piece of
toilet shitty diploma that entitles me to buy an over-taxed $40,000/-
four-wheeled-equipment. Of course I will kill anyone who "touches" my car;
because it will cause a "hair-line" scratch on the paint when observed
through a powerful electron microscope :):)

Those guys that were arrested were indeed hooligans spoiling to find
someone for fight. Using their strengths on numbers they thought it
was okay to beat up anybody that crosses their paths.

These guys deserved to be hanged for their premeditated murder. There
is a need to hang a few of these kinds of attackers in order to show
public there was protection and security to their children from such

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