Re: Casino Gambling Single fastest-growing driver of bankruptcy

anybody got do research study on

(1) whedher knocking your head agains dhe wall will cause head damage

(2) using penknife to cut your hand will cause injury

(3) put your lan cheow into acid bafh will destroy it

har? mus use t-test, F-test an' simi sai sadistics to poof significan or not, har?

On 16/10/2010 1:11 PM, lasttrumpet wrote:
Studies done by 3 Schools of Business in US: "The Impact of Casino
Gambling on
Personal Bankruptcy Filing Rates"

"They found that counties with gambling had a bankruptcy filing rate
18% higher than those without.

Next, SMR noted that the counties with the highest bankruptcy rates in
Nevada, New Jersey, California, and Connecticut were those in closest
proximity to major casino gambling activity.

Of the counties with the highest bankruptcy filing rates per 1,000 in
1996, many were located “very close” to three casinos.

It also concluded that the availability of a casino within 50 miles
(vs. greater distances) is associated with about double the prevalence
of problem and pathological gambling."

They also noted the growth of activities over time.

In US, there have seen a rapid growth of casinos nationwide for last
twenty years.
Look at their country now. A piece of shit?

In Macau, casinos started in 1962 and restructed by China in 1999.
Look at their people. They are many owners of casinos and related
business who are super rich and many workers who live below poverty
line. Very few middle class.

In Singapore, all residents are within a 50 miles (80km) radius of
We are in year number one (2010). Let's see how it evolve, years after
giant vacuum cleaner was turned on, acting as continuous suction of
cash from surrounding area within 50 miles.
Most countries see it as their IRA's most efficient tool.


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