Re: That Orchard Road flood...

On Jun 17, 8:37 am, zero <heroz...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I talked to a Singaporean friend about the flood in Orchard Road and
since he is a "devout" christian, he said the flood "is God's way of
cleansing materialism out of Singapore", and he blamed the two casinos
for invoking God's Wrath.

According to him, Singapore has become some sort of Sodom and Gomorrah
of the East.

Next, I asked him about the 50 year flood in Bukit Timah Road which
happened right in front of LKY and GCT home residence. Is this God's way
of punishing the ruling PAP party or Singapore?

I think a simple reason for the flood is found in this extract:

"In the Orchard area, rain on the ground seeps into the localised
drain networks, before flowing to Stamford Canal and Marina Reservoir,
where water levels are monitored.

If the water levels are too high, the reservoir gates will open for
excess water to flow into the sea. Only six of nine gates were open
during the flood, as levels were not high enough to warrant opening
more gates, Mr Yap said.

So PUB is looking into whether blockages in the local drain network of
Orchard could have caused the flood."