Re: Greedy million-dollar minister vs Goh Keng Swee. Who is the good man !?

Then u should be drinking NewWater all the time.

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.> Ayohhhh Botak....don't get me wrong leh. You can see that
.> 95% of the content zeroing on old man and son.......about their
.> salaries and how they managed Sg as if Sg belong to the Familee.

Good Simoni..
I also know that you were not serious,...joking...when
you say that Dr. Goh was stupid.

Did you watch...the eulogy by Dr. Goh's niece ..about
how careful he spent tax payers' money...about tearing
tissue paper into halves.
Dr. Goh was so different from the other PAP leaders
who enrich themselves with tax payers' money.
If Dr. Goh had continue to serve after 1984...I am sure
he would object strongly... paying minister millions in

I believe in most of the MIWs' household at any one see
dozen of mineral water on standby (for drinking or cooking) cos,
firstly, they can afford it (with their million $ salary) and
secondly, they themselves don't want to drink 'shits water'.
They believe this....shits water only meant to be drunk by rubbish
ppl...and not MIWs

I am not sure...what they have in the fridge. The other day,
I was in Cold Storage looking for a bottle of mineral water..
I found most of them bottled in Singapore...Newater.
You see...I have not drank Newater....and if I can help it,
I always choose water bottled in Indonesia or Malaysia.

Looking at the issue of water supply ...I am sure Dr. Goh
would support the idea of being self sufficient ...not to have
to buy water from Johore. With the help of Newater and
expanded reservoir to capture river water...Singapore
will soon be self sufficient in drinking water. No longer
vulnerable... to our balls being squeezed by Malaysia.