Re: Rony Tan's apology is NOT ENOUGH.

Have u watch the thrid video.
He was shown to
1. Accused Buddhism of engaging in devil worship.
2. Accused Buddhism of engaging in David Copperfield
typs of trickery to convince followers.
3. Falsely put words "I am still searching" into the mouth
of a dying Buddha.
4. Dangerously portray Jesus as coming to show the way
to Buddha.

Anyone of this is serious enough to cause a riot let alone
4. What he did is very selfish, very wrong and extremely
He did it infront of a big audience.
It was then loaded onto the church website. Now
many tens of thousands have watch it worldwide.

What the 3 kids did is not even 1/10 the gravity of

Ur judgment is clouded. Perhaps u r one of Rooonnneey follower
or admirer.

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Rony Tan is more dangerous than the Muslim terrorist
who want to bomb the MRT Station.
Why ?
What Rony Tan did can potentially be more damaging to
Singapore than a bomb. The effect of the bomb is over
when it exploded. There will be some physical damage
and some lives will be lost.
The effects of Rony Tan's destructive actions can lead
to Singaporeans going after one another for a long long
Looks like u r one of Rony Tan's followers.
U must be an evangelical christian.

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Sure, to err is human and to forgive divine.

What I am pushing is for the overall good of
Singapore. The interest of the state is above
my personal well being and for good reasons.
The government detained suspected
Muslim extremists under the ISA on the
basis that they can destabilise and harm
What Rony Tan and other extremist
Christians did are not that different from
the Muslim extremists. Should a religious
war break out in Singapore, the damages
will be even longer and greater than a bomb
going off in an MRT station.
So why the discrimination ?
This is no good for Singapore. If the pap
government wants to win the support of the larger
Muslim community in the detention without
trial of suspected Muslim extremists then
they should also act on extremist Christians
whose speeches and actions can do equally
and potentially more damages to Singapore.
As it is I am seeing lots of others questioning
this discrimination in favour of extremist
Christians. The government must act to
correct this perception especially amongst
the Muslim community.

Hmmm.... that is 2 kettle of fishes. He is not terrorist and not anti-
singaporeans or no anti-state. and and no foreigners taking away jobs
from Singaporeans.

Therefore thre is no need to do the harsh way for the terrorists as
because the repentance is already being acknowledged and felt.

Seriously you seem to appear like a terrorist in worknig to upturn and
terrorise and flame the goodwill of Singaporean communities that have
given you to voice your views from a distance without responsiblities
for its proper perspectives of things. By this way you are nothing but
more like a hit-and-run terrorist with a fugistive mindset.

Singapore is not pakistan or afghanstan or iraq,,,as becaue it has
already has a humourous diversities of communities that existed in
the country that already built in the tolerance of foundation in the
country.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Always chant.. lam moh lam moh. This is common sense arguments and not
whether one has to support him. One must look from the perspective of
things and use them wisely and objectively. You yourself have to if
you want to have creditablity in presenting your thinking skills.- Hide
quoted text -

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Agree. But what is disturbing is that it will set a precedent.
Does it mean that whenever we do or say anything wrong, we can just
apologise to the affected parties and will be appreciated by the Home
Ministry, and get away scot free?

If it is base on objectivity or perspective or personality, then what
are these objectivities and perspectives or personalities and why?
Otherwise, justice is not seen to have been meted out.- Hide quoted text -

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It depends..whether it was spoken inside or outside...andwhther it was
in the context of.....casual asking or a casual interjectory in asking
or in answering...and in which if were intended to agitate or to
incite..for the outside.... or merely for internal debate.

If say I am inside with friends or acquaintances and in course of
conversations discussed the subject of different faiths and then in
the course from each of them commented of their own and others
and ...then does it not mean that everyone of them is in public
offence of it.

Even though this Rony case was public figure and therefore there this
immediate remorseful reactions shown in his apologies for it.

It seemed that he was not very good in the choice of words. I think
this country should not be so touchy or so isolated from any course of
debates or views, as we are not a country like Pakistain, Afghan and
Iraq becasue the people in Singapore are not the same as them.

We are more westernised ...more european and more americanized and
therefore we are more liberal in their views...... and therefore more
"forceful" in expressions ...but with limited oratory skills in the
choosing of verbal words while in in stand-talking mode on their

And this is normaly happened as the country grows more and more with
people having liberal views of their in American and
Europe. So if the country is to be more demoncratic and more
demoncratic views on evreything of f it, although more concerns with
other people with other views f it.