Lee Kuan Yew, Be a MAN, Apologise and ask Forgiveness

It is no coincidence that not long after the Fajar book was launched
and Dr. Lim Hock Siew video speech was circulating wildly on the
internet, that Lee Kuan Yew admitted his mistakes in the second
language issue.
It is Lee Kuan Yew indirect way of telling Singaporeans that he had
made many mistakes in the past including abusing the ISA on his
political and non political opponents.
Only cowards and people of low life resort to this sorts of things.
Lee Kuan Yew should standup, become a Man, admit his mistakes
in abusing the ISA and ask for Forgiveness from those whom he
has unjustly hurt. Destroyed in order for Lee Kuan Yew to satisfy his
personal selfish ambition.