Re: pap ass-lickers and cock-suckers are cursed

On Feb 4, 10:09 am, Observer <observar...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
truth wrote:
pap ass-lickers and cock-suckers are the most despicable
type of people in Singapore. They are worst than the pap
multi$million nincompoops. For money they are prepared to
sell their soul and do anything like licking dirty arses and
sucking infested cocks. They are the most dirty and filthy
people on earth. Kick them in the ass and kill them
whenever u come across them. They are cursed and will
die in agony. When their grandmaster up the lorry they
will be hunted down and slaughtered.

True ! Really truth! That is what you are doing down under.
Doing it down under is equally despicable.
The aborigines are waiting to kick your ass.

Have you gone to the dental surgeon to remove your sharp chimpanzee
teeth? Don't turn your male PAP masters into eunuchs.