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TEMASEK lost nearly 500 Million in less than one year by investing in ABC
Learning. In the corporate world, if this happens, the whole team would be
sacked. Not in Singapore as these IDIOTS are cronies of the MIW.

Many Uncles and Aunties asked....

If ABC is such a profitable Company, why are they not making money?

Why do they need to borrow?

Why Australians are not investing in their own Company?

Why does Temasek invest in a Company that has no tangible assets?

Finally, would Temasek invest in a Company run by a Singapore milk delivery

These monies collectively belong to the people of Singapore.


ABC was not good investment, not well-run, not high tech, not cutting
edge.  There was neither money nor expertise to be had from it.  It's
a mystery why anyone would put so much money into it.

Why didn't the govt put the millions into the childcare industry in
Singapore?  It would have helped childcare businesses here as well as
Singapore families, who have been asking for good childcare services.
Even if Temasek were to lose all the millions in Singapore, at least
Singaporeans would have benefitted from all that cash.  Any milkman
can tell them that.  Our scholars are more stupid than a milkman.

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LOL!!! Somebody posted the following comment on Asiaone Forum
regarding this issue:

"Maybe one can look into the performance record of the Temasek's
chief ? Her previous job/trading portfolio ? It can help provide a
performance guideline of her investment skill."