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spider ??:
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Is the issue one of foreigners being unkindly rejected by locals ?

....... The real truth they (like most locals)
welcome rich foreigners and dislike poor foreigners.

So Singapore like to have Bill Gates living
next door, and.... look down, even being unkind
to poor foreigners who have to work here.

Are Singaporean not a little money-face ?

It appears so. There are (I think at least 100 foreigners) renting
houses and semi-detached houses in Serangoon Garden Estates. They have
welcomed all along.

They are paid for their work, not free labour.

Sure...we pay slave wages...but HDB contractor
pay them about $300 a month. So...this give
us the right to be unkind to them..because
they work almost for free.

There are TWO views to their
paid work. One view is that they have served Sinagapore. Another view is
that they are lucky that Singapore give them the opportunity to work.
are tens of thousands waiting for such opportunity.

Excuse me...those tens of thousands waiting to take
over ...are they locals or foreigners like them ???

They are foreigners waiting for an opportunity to get work in Singapore.

Are that 100 foreigners renting terrace houses and semi-detached houses
in Serangoon Garden Estates foreign "labourers" ?

Definitely not. They are quite well to do professionals and office personel.
They are well mannered. Rest assured they would disturbed the neighbourhood.
That is why they are welcomed.

It is true but trite, that generally a person from a higher social economic
strata is better mannered than that of lower social economic strata.

Is Singaporean the ONLY "money face" and "kiasu" ?

What is so wrong about (1) "money face" and (2) "kiasu"?

Actually it could well be that these two traits bring Singapore to be what
it is today. Without these two traits the government may not be able to
achieve what it has been achieving. That is why few Singaporeans suffers
from sub-prime and have their homes foreclosed.

$300 a month - must be bushitting right ?
AND even if it is $300/= a month is not free labour.
At home, they probably do nothing but catching spider.

Yes you are correct. They are paid between $4- $10 per day if the boss has
no work for them to do. But they are paid between $60 - $80 per day if they
do a full day's work.

As to catching of spiders, only those not "kiasu" ones
cling to the ceilings of houses got caught and killed. But those "kiasu"
types spin their webs on the tree tops in the forest