Re: Another lie from Lee Kuan Yew

You have no creditability to talk about LKY. You have no balls to give your
identity after challenged him to sue you in Australia.

"truth" <truth@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Lee Kuan Yew said:

"So what is it (that) we are trying to do for the opposition? We are not
trying to block them, we are trying to force them to collect a group of MPs or
candidates that will equal us in integrity and competence, so that when the
time comes, if we fail, they have a team that is equal to us, who can take

How can that be ? Every capable person who emerge amongst the oppositions is
targetted for destruction. Take for example the hundreds of Barisan Socialist
Leaders who were rounded up in 1963 in Operation Cold Storage.
Very capable people like Lim Chin Siong, Dr. Poh Soo Kai, Chia Thye Poh were
detained for ages without trial.
Then the story of how JBJ was prevented from serving Singaporeans. Francis
Seow, ex-Solicitor General and one time Lee Kuan Yew blue-eyed boy, was
lampooned with all sorts of charges. Tang Lian Hong who was an ex-pap cadre
with connections to Lee Kuan Yew to the 50's. Then Dr. Chee, a lecturer in
NUS. Are these people not capable ? They are anytime better than many of the
pap ministers. Some of these pap ministers not only look unpleasant but cannot
even speak properly even after intensive oral coaching by experts. Just look
at Wong Kan Seng with his poisonality and the horrible way he speak. Just look
at the queer eyebrows and eyes of a few of them.
These are not talents as Lee Kuan Yew claimed. These are very good yes-men.