Re: LHL suffer major setback

On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 13:12:03 GMT, "Zai Zai" <ZaiZai@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If you ask me hor, I think Singapore should keep quiet lah. During the asia
crisis, we didn't even help our neighbors when we have the means to do so,
for example malaysia. During tsunami disaster where well to do countries
pledges hundreds of millions in support, Singapore only a few million. Now
Singapore want to tell them how to run things? Yes, they will come to the
meeting for free makan and holiday lar, just listen for the sake of
socializing, other than that you think they really bother about Singapore,

They only pledge millions, never disburse.

"truth" <truth@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
LHL fumbled in his handling of the
Asean meeting.
This meeting proved once again that
Asean is nothing more than a club of
dictators scratching each other's back.

Singapore eagerness to puch the Burma
issue is to relieve pressure they are
getting from the European Union on
their banking laws esp those relating to
bankiing secrecy.