Re: Ren Ci....Ming Yi..... perform charity works....they are no NKF!

On Nov 13, 1:39 am, DanielS <danielsea...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ren Ci is registered as a charitable organization...

This was discussed fully in earlier postings...there is
no need to flock a dead horse.
Repeat,...Ren Ci and Ming Yi is a religious organisation...
not like NKF a fund-raising organisation.

Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe...

You believed wrong. The billionaire Philanthropists
who made huge cheque donations trusted fully what
Ming Yi and the Buddhist organisation are doing.
If they had any objections, they would have stopped
their huge donation years ago.

Oh and FYI, I'm a donor. ...

Your "big" donation is not enough to running the hospital,
charity homes, feed the poor, the monks and nuns....
However, if you wish to have control over their welfare
activities....make a huge cheque donation (in millions) every
I am sure Ming Yi and the Buddhist organisation would be
happy to seek your approval or duly inform you on how your
huge donations are spent. ... and also ...
you could specify that your donation are purely for caring
for the sick or feeding them.

If not, sorry, you have no veto rights on how the fund donated
by billionaire philanthropists are spent... The billionaire have
no objections in using their donation for starting temple

The laws in Singapore DO NOT prohibit the Buddhist temple
or the Church in using their reserved fund (donations) for doing
religion-related business. Most Christians and Buddhists in
Singapore have NO objections too.

If you are against temple and Church business, tell your MP to
change the law !