Re: "You, Whining S'poreans Don't Have A Sense Of Proportion." LOL!!!

Hougang and Potong Pasir elected oppositions still very good wat. No,
compulsory acquisation, no reasons for enblock and owners to pay more to
move and being moved elsewhere. So, what is the worry about oppositions? and
to think of it these oppositions are not being paid millions salaries.

"May be our women have not become maids in other countries yet."
However, some have already became baby sitters.

"lobert" <lobert@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
He can say what he like but it is sickening to threaten that :"Your asset
will disappear and your apartments will be worth a fraction of what (they
now). Jobs will be in peril and your security will be risk. Our women will
become maids in other countries -foreign workers."

Didn't our asset value disappear before - CLOB, if you still remember !
Didn't the HDB and private apartments worth a fraction of they were just
not too
long ago ?
Didn't the jobs peril during the last 40 years ?

May be our women have not become maids in other countries yet.

me_dawiseguy@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Basically, the old man says elites pay of $46M is only 0.022 percent
of $210M of GDP. Or, as an old patron of the old NKF used to say,
"It's Peanuts!" LOL!!!

So, those of us who begrudged the elites of their multi-million dollar
salaries are guilty of not having a sense of proportion.

I say, the fact is, there are countries out there in which their
elites are doing a good job of managing far bigger GDPs (as well as
the bigger headaches that come with it) with far less pay..

Well, I do not know about S'poreans' sense of proportion, but seems to
me then, our elites' greed and sense of self-worth is WAY OUT of

And as for S'pore not being able to afford a 'revolving door' style of
govt, perhaps a goverrnment system based on "Mein Kampf" would be more


SYDNEY: Singapore cannot afford to have a "revolving door" style of
government where top leaders change every five years.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said the country needs good, competent
people who will stay.

And this is why they must be paid market rates.

Mr Lee was speaking to reporters in Sydney at the end of his visit to
Australia and New Zealand.

From parliamentary secretaries to ministers, the top level in the
civil service is paid a total of S$46 million annually.

That is 0.13 percent of the total government expenditure or 0.022
percent of GDP.

On Monday, the civil service pay review will be announced in

The Minister Mentor warned that the Singapore economy would be in
jeopardy if it does not pay top dollar for top people.

He said if this S$46 million was cut to maybe S$36 million or S$26
million, the country would save S$20 million but in the process, would
jeopardise an economy of S$210 billion.

"So for the average family earning S$1,500-S$3,000, we are talking of
astronomical figures but for people like me in government, to deal
with the money which we have accumulated by the sweat of our brow over
the last 40 years, you have to pay the market rate or the man will up
stakes and join Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers or Goldman Sachs and
you would have an incompetent man and you would have lost money by the
billions," said Mr Lee.

While other countries may have leaders who are paid less, Mr Lee said
rewarding Singapore leaders well is a system that has worked and is
above board.

He said: "If you are going to quarrel about S$46 million - up or down
another S$10 to S$20 million - I say you don't have a sense of

And when it comes to benchmarking, Mr Lee said his own annual income,
which is S$2.7 million, is a fraction of what the top manager in the
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) earns.

He said: "The cure for all this talk is really a good dose of
incompetent government... your asset values will disappear, your
apartments will be worth a fraction of what it is, your jobs will be
in peril, your security will be at risk and our women will become
maids in other persons' countries - foreign workers."

When asked to comment on the perception that political leaders should
not be in it for the money, and instead, be ready to make that extra
sacrifice for the good of the people, the Minister Mentor said it is
an admirable sentiment.

But he added that it had taken much persuasion to get leaders like Dr
Ng Eng Hen and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, who had lucrative private
practices, to give it all up to join politics, with no guarantee of

- CNA/so