Re: My very resourceful Lorbut: Sg gov's birth incentives

On Feb 28, 5:36 pm, "James" <zhanz...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hah hah.....if you can find anyone naive or guilible enough to marry
you and go along with your plan that is...

Alamak bros....look likes you were not aware of this 'lobang'
If, I were to become a muslim convert, I am immediately given the
rights to marry 4 wives.....
Its true, quite difficult to find those naive or gullible types to
marry me.....
As I said, you were not aware of the lobang yet......want to learn
from me?....LOL....

Easy lar........once, you became a muslim convert with an intention of
having 4 don't go for those modern muslim girls ie.
those 'sarong party girls' SPG....instead, you should go after those
muslim girls who put on scarf, these are the 'reserved' type
lar....when they sticked with you they sticked like a 'super
glue'....from there you got to brainwash her to read more quran and
once she is very shiok wih the quran then, you physco her by saying
that Allah wanted 'man to marry more wives'..
The other method is, if she resist becos of jealousy, then, you got no
choice but, got to threaten her with some 'voodooz voodooz' thing
lar..just to make her scared of you so as to 'kuai kuai' listen to you

Agree or not?.....LOL...LOL.........

Alamak....with the present baby bonus thing offered by the Sg
gov...must take advantage of it what?....this is some sort of biz
opportunity leh.........not only that, oso made you shiok shiok what?

Thats 9 months they have to spend carrying EACH kid, the pain and
trauma of the birth process, you forgot about the hospital bills and
checkups (before, during, after birth), doctor follow-ups, etc....

Well, If you can ACTUALLY find anyone willing to go along with your
plan knowing all that, you deserve the bonus!