Re: More reasons to send Iran back to STONE AGE

Because Revelation has said God wants to kill one third of human kind,
that is about 2 billions.
Can you stop God from killing ?

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These are good virtues but like all good things sometime
they are very difficult to achieve.
U can keep on trying.
How about the justice of the 3,000 + innocent people
who died in the World Trade Centre ? How about the
justice of those who were blown to pieces by suicide
bombers ?

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Don't give me any damn reasons.
I want only JUSTICE !

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Alex u must understand that after 911 everything is different.
If Iran has the nuke and they give the nuke waste to the
Osama, it will be very dangerous right ?
Pakistan has the nuke before 911 and now Pakistan said
will join fight against terrorists. So the peaceful people
accept that.
This world is not so perfect and thus sometime the solution
also cannot be the preferred way. Just look at the way they
kowtow to Hitler before WW2. It makes Hitler more and more
brave until he also want to take the whole world which leads
to WW2.

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Justice !
What is justice ? What is righteousness ?
Israel can have nuclear weapons ? Iran cannot even enrich uranium ?
Where is justice ?

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