Re: The Ultimate Ugly Singaporean Boss

This shows that you are highly emotional and hardly managerial
material. Once, my assistant called me before she locked up because my
bag was still in the office. I told her to go ahead as I had the key
with me. Had she locked up without calling me to check first, I would
have scolded her.

I agree that this Loke guy was a bit harsh, but if the secretary finds
that the boss' things are still the office and is not sure if he is
coming back, she should always call him before locking up. I sometimes
don't bring my office keys as I have more than one office and I don't
normally do the opening and locking up. It's the duty of my staff.

If you're a HR manager, would you employ Rebecca? What if she forwards
your email to all and sundry?

Blur Blur wrote:
Good to revive the subject every now and then to remind EMC that they
have such a "crown jewel". Strip him off his authority, how insolent
and arrogant can he get. Suc a sweet lady should never be humiliated :D
If his mother never taught him some basic manners, the company should.