Re: GIC to invest in India! good as giving away our reserves

There are 750 staff in GIc to be fed, and they will have this Don Perignon
champagne first - and not we.

"Bald eagle" <Baldeagle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If the idiots in GIC invest our reserves carefully,
we can party with Don Perignon champagne and caviar,
with lobster everyday.

"achtung" <konon@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
we can start a brown shirt party

Bald eagle wrote:
"Toddy" <SammyToddy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
these green horn kids will invest our savings based on text book
and loose our pants, not theirs! Our ah kong money will be finished
sisters will have to work as maids in India and the Philippines!

It is not funy, ...what you said in jest, may come
true one day....if we don't keep pace with China...
if our leaders is unaware of the dangers posed
by rising China and India....and to have effective
plans to counter them.

"Bald eagle" <Baldeagle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
GIC intend to make huge investments in India.
They are walking into a mine field...will suffer
great losses, like others who tried.

Many US corporations tried to invest in India....
Oil, chemical and coke...They were badly hurt...
SIA tried for years to invest in flop...a failure..
because SIA saw the trap and wouldn't take the bait....
CAAS tried to invest in Indian airports....the found out
the 'scam; at the last minute...had to pull out...
Taiwanese companies tried and suffered heavy losses

Indian tycoon-politicians had the "investment opportunities"
nicely cornered, to be shared among themselves. Outsiders
walk in at their own risk....full trap doors and legal web.

The laws and rules are changed frequently whenever there
is a change in political leadership, ...and foreign investors
suffered as a result of the changes in rules and law.

Old hand like Goh Keng Swee and Lim Kim Sang knew
fully about the problem of investing in India. They have
wisely NOT invested in India.
GIC's new scholars think that it is easy meat to invest
in India, as easy as investment in China...
They will learn their lesson...the hard way...GIC will suffer
huge losses, in billions, to pay for their folly.


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