Re: How much is 3 Ringgit for 1000 gallons of water?

Newater is priced at a Mcvalue meal compared to a char kway teow price.
It is of course much much better, but it is much much better for the
seller, not much much better for you.

Newater is a credit (i.e. it minuses something from you)
So obviously to pay RM 3 for 1000 gallons is a net debit (giving you
something) to you.

Choose assets, not liabilities. Be wise.

Ventura wrote:
3 Ringgit is very cheap of course for natural pure quality water from Kota Tinggi waterfall. But
top quality Newater (or re-cycled pang-sai water from toilet-bowls) is more expensive. What is more
expensive should be good and if not better I supposed?

"Pangkor" <Daqtaoge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The answer is in the working below:

1000 gallons = 4546 litres = 4.546 m3

3 Ringgit = S$1.30

So, how much is it?

It is S$0.29 per cubic metre.

How many cubic metres does an average person use a month?

He uses 7 cubic metres.

How much is that?

It is S$2.03

Is that a char kway teow price?

It is. QED.

Heck! I just put S$5 on the wrong football team. And there are so many
more games to go.

BTW, is $2.03 a good reason to have to put our faith in Newater?

Sadly, the answer is No.

Thus, the next time you see your MP, please ask him about this. Let
your concern be known.

And if you're visiting from Toowoomba, Australia, we're with you to
vote No to indirect potable usage in your coming referendum vote.


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