Re: Benjamin's friend

What do you think this 21 year old female Media Executive has just
done? She put two young Singaporeans into jail, and another is about
to be framed because of her itchy fingers. Benjamins's Malay friends,
male and female, stood by him, declaring to the press and reading
public that he is NOT a racist. Why should this bitch, hiding cowardly
by the name of Kalin, be the judge and jury of innocent Singaporeans?
Do we want a McCarthy type scare because of this trouble maker? There
not too many advertising companies in Singapore, and not to many doing
media work, but there will be many who cheer on when she gets her just

ardeedee wrote:
> Get educated will you -the fault lies with the blogboys for being racist -
> do not go into any scenarios which really mean nothing - this is Singapore
> and remember racism will blow the place apart.
> It has to be stopped now and in fact it is not enough to only tolerate each
> other's race but to feel comfortable with each other as we belong to the
> same nation and share the same future.