Re: US general predicts pull-out from Iraq

AleXX wrote:
> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>IMHO, it wasn't that the US had to pull out, it was out of
>>political convenience for a war that was micromanaged from
>>Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson's office. US troops were not
>>allowed to win the war. This war is different, in that the
>>troops are allowed to defend themselves and use offensive
>>means to weed out pockets of resistance. However,
>>developing a sufficient self-defense force will take time,
>>perhaps years. AFAIK, for the US it seems to be another
>>Korea or West Germany. Troop strengths may change, but
>>there will be US troops there for a while.
> How do you corelate Korea/Germany with Iraq? the former two
> were US bases, totally safe from daily harassment, so
> troops could be reduced as and when needed.....Baghdad's
> Green Zone is not a base, it's only a heavily protected
> place where the US troops could feel "safer".....

Bases came later as a result of occupation. If US remains
there, it would not surprise me if they build a permanent


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