Re: Black magic kill Singapore woman ???

Not only that, in most hospital, especially, those hospitals located
along the tropical region, 5% to 10% mysterious deaths is quite
normal..Take for example, most mysterious death, hospital official
would put it as 'cardiac arrest', simple as that... but, actually, some
may die from mysterious virus derived sickness, those known as
'airborne virus' that comes and goes...
For you info, medical science may have identified a few types of
viruses where, there sre still various types of viruses unknown to
medical science..unheard of...some deadly and some not-so...

Bad boy wrote:
> A woman died mysteriously. Her body turned charcoal
> black, her skin peeled like banana and blood oozed
> from her ears.
> Chemical reactions ...May be. .
> Black magic or allergy to medication ?
> This is the second case I know. Years ago, while
> on a visit to Cheng Mai....I came across a man who
> died in exactly the same manner. Apparently, one
> of the woman dumped by him, engaged a medium
> to kill him by Thai black magic. He died.
> Western medicine don't believe in black magic and
> strange happening are brushed away as nonsense.
> The death of this woman is no nonsense.
> Bad boy.
> PS. I heard,...Bruce Lee an famous Hong Kong film
> star...died under mysterious circumstance after a
> tour of Jarkata. Strong rumours attributed his death
> to black charm by Bomoh.